Affidavit of Support Format

Since a lot of people in a certain forum keep on asking for a copy or format of an Affidavit of Support, here it is πŸ˜€

Click this link, copy paste whatever is written and then edit.

You can also click “File” under “Affidavit of Support” on the top left and “Download as” or “I-download bilang” – “Microsoft Word”.

You can use this if you want to shoulder the travel expenses of your relative or friend.

If you find the instructions a bit hard, you can look into this submitted copy of an affidavit of support :)


Blurred my address for security reason hehe 

Hope this helps!


141 thoughts on “Affidavit of Support Format

  1. So we are planning for a trip in Korea this coming May. My GF is still a student and our plan is to submit an affidavit of my support for her during her trip. She’s a working student and her parents are not capable of supporting her. He models for events, etc so hindi sya talaga legit na trabaho para makakuha ng ITR, COE. Sent an email to the embassy and they replied that this is not possible. Only a family or relative are allowed to support. What are our options please?

  2. hi im confused po same lang po ung affidavit of support and letter of guarantee?? kasi sa travel agency need affidavit of support notarized tapos sa site ng japan embassy letter of guarantee

  3. Hi! I’ve been a graduate since last year but I’m still unemployed by choice. I help in our family business and from time to time, I work as a freelancer. I have enough savings in my peso bank accounts and I also have a dollar acct. but I don’t have an ITR. My current passport has stamps from 6 asian countries prior to my planned Japan and Korea trips. I also have my US visa, used single-entry Korean visa, and plane tickets for the other countries I will be visiting without visa after my Japan trip. I have a few questions for the 4 trips I will be doing soon:

    1. I plan to go to Japan this year twice.. with a month and a half interval. My first time will be a solo 5-day trip while next is a 10-day trip with friends. I will be funding my trip but will possibly indicate my parents as sponsors since I don’t have an ITR. Should I apply for multiple entry? Will it be possible for me to get a visa for the 2nd one say I get single-entry on the 1st if I still indicate my parents as sponsor for the 2nd trip? Should I send a copy of my plane tickets of my flights for other countries for later this year just so they know I will come back? I wish I can get multiple-entry visa so I won’t have to get nervous about the 2nd visit bec I already have everything booked haha. Also, I will be visiting Japan again next year with my family.

    2. I already used my parents’ ITR for my single-entry korean visa before as sponsors of my Korea trip with my friends. I will be visiting Korea again with my friends soon. Will it be alright to say they are my sponsors again? I’m scared they won’t allow me to get a visa again bec I’m still unemployed and it’s past my graduation year.

    3. Should I send my personal bank certificates too for both Korean and Japan visa applications?

    Btw, this thread is really helpful. Thank you very much! πŸ™‚

    1. 1. You can request for a multiple entry visa for Japan. Provide an explanation letter and show proof of booked tickets. But this will not be a guarantee πŸ™‚

      2. I think it’s okay. Applied thrice for a Korean visa using my parents’ documents πŸ™‚

      3. Imo dont. Especially if your parents’ bank documents can support your travel expenses πŸ™‚

  4. Hi! my dad is an OFW and he won’t be coming home before my trip to Korea. Ok lang kaya na under my mom’s name (but unemployed si mommy) yung affidavit of support kasi nasa abroad pa si dad and he can’t sign? Their bank account is a joint account naman, do you think it’s ok?

  5. Hi my fiance and I are going to japan right after our wedding. I have all the requirements, I can also provide COE except ITR (my family owns a salon and I am the one who manages it). I also have personal bank account.
    1. Mas okay po ba na meron ako affidavit of support from my parents?
    2. Should I just provide COE and write an explanation that I manage our salon business?
    3. Should I include my bank certificate (worried lang ako kase bka questionable since pinapadalan ako ni fiance OFW sya kaya medyo malaki po ang laman)

  6. Hi! I am currently employed but my bank statement’s amount is not enough for a South Korean visa. Should I bring an affidavit of support from my parents? Will they accept it even if I am employed? Thank you.

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