Affidavit of Support Format

Since a lot of people in a certain forum keep on asking for a copy or format of an Affidavit of Support, here it is πŸ˜€

Click this link, copy paste whatever is written and then edit.

You can also click “File” under “Affidavit of Support” on the top left and “Download as” or “I-download bilang” – “Microsoft Word”.

You can use this if you want to shoulder the travel expenses of your relative or friend.

If you find the instructions a bit hard, you can look into this submitted copy of an affidavit of support :)


Blurred my address for security reason hehe 

Hope this helps!


127 thoughts on “Affidavit of Support Format

  1. Hi! I’m currently accomplishing my Affidavit of Support. Just one question (because I just want to make sure) on the top portion with the:

    ______________________________________ ) S. S.
    ______________________________________ )

    What should I write on the last two blank spaces? and should I address it to the embassy of the country where I’m going to (like: Japanese Embassy or Korean Embassy) here in our country?

    Hope that you could get back to me right away.

    Thanks so much

      1. Hi! I was wondering, if a guarantor is an OFW, he/she doesn’t need to send ITR? So the guarantor just needs to send an affidavit of support? or are there other documents he/she needs to send? and also, does it have to be all original? is it okay if they just send it through email?

  2. Good day. How about if I’m the one to shoulder my friend’s expenses? Should I indicate in the affidavit that.. “***** friend of ***** giving full consent….. Etc.. Etc..”? Is it ok lang ba if our relation is “just friends”? I mean we have no strong attachment with each other unlike parents or relatives.

    1. Hmmm most embassies (if im not mistaken) don’t consider friends as official sponsors. It might weaken his/her application.

      for example, i saw one applicant who was not entertained because his tita was the one sponsoring for the trip. tita na yun ha. what embassy to do you intend to pass?

  3. Hi,

    Good day, we are going to travel on may to june and will stay for about a week. I will be travelling with my 1 year old kid and my fiancee, she is a plain housewife and we are not married. Should I indicate “fiancee” as a relationship? thanks in advance.

  4. Hi! I don’t know if my previous comment get through so I’ll ask again. I will have my employer as a guarantor but he’s not living in Japan and definitely not Japanese XD (he’s Korean) I am currently in Qatar and will go back to Manila before my travel to Japan. I wanted to process the visa here in Japan Embassy and I was wondering if I can use this affidavit for my employer to fill up? Can I have the affidavit stamp in the Philippine Embassy too? Much thanks for your help.

      1. Nope. I will process in Japan Embassy here in Qatar before I go back to Manila for vacation.

  5. Hi! Is it okay if I will just edit this tenplate and have it notarized and submit it? Isn’t it a law office should be the one to make the affidavit?


  6. how about my fiancee in japan has case about her idenity name and it is pending now? is it okay to be my Guarantor?

  7. Good day! Can I have my fiance for 3 years in the US (and we haven’t met yet) as my sponsor? He’s not coming with me in Japan. It will be just his birthday gift to me. What are the documents he must provide? Thank you!

  8. Hi I just want to ask if my mom needs to pass an affidavit of support for me for applying for japan tourist visa. I am of legal age & a college graduate, but unemployed. I have all the necessary requirements even a bank certificate except an ITR & Employment Cert. since I’m unemployed and I’m so worried this unemployment thing will weaken my chances of being granted a visa😭 We’re booked to go next month. Please heeeeeelp. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi! If your parents’ bank account contains more than 5OOk, you can ask for an affidavit of support. If their bank account contains less than 3OOk, medyo tagilid yung application mo. But yes, you can provide for an affidavit of support πŸ˜€

  9. Hi!

    My husband I are are planning to go to Japan. I am gainfully employed for more than 10yrs at the same company can provide ITR, bank cert, COE etc but my husband is the one taking care of things at home (more like house-husband πŸ™‚ He has been to Japan before for 6 months visiting his mom but now his mom leave in the Philippines. I was wondering what his chances of getting another Japan Visa & what requirements he can provide if he is not employed. I can support him financially but on his own he has no ITR.


      1. Thanks for the swift reply πŸ™‚

        Then the rest of the requirements are the same right? Should he also include his old passport which had the Japan Visa before when he sends his requirements?

        Can I also include a joint account Bank Cert to cover us both? Since I am the only one working


      2. Yup include his old passport. The form also asks if the person has travelled to Japan before.

        No problem in using a joint account for the bank cert. Just make sure you have at least 200k for that πŸ™‚

  10. Hi! I have a fee questions!
    1. I will applying my jap visa this year. Got my birth cert issued this month. Can I use it on a december visa application? My flight is on feb 2017 pa.
    2. Also, i will be using my mom’s extra bank account. She has P130k. I’ll also use her itr. The coe is my own. I am a part time teacher. I have around P60k on mine. What do I use?
    3. I am planning to stay for 15 days. Fukuoka-hiroshima-osaka-kyoto. What do you think are my chances of having my visa approved? 😦
    4. Is travelling alone a factor? Do they ask if I will be travelling alone? I will be travelling with a friend. My friend has a multiple entry visa already so i will be applying my visa by myself.

    Thank you so much for this helpful blog! πŸ™‚

    1. 1. Birth cert should be valid for 6 months ata? Not sure kung 6 months or 1 year, check the embassy for this πŸ™‚
      2. Provide both your COE and ITR then state that your mom will help fund your trip. Provide her COE, ITR and bank statement.
      3. 15 days is too much to ask. Just put 4 to 5 days in the ittinerary, pag mas matagal kasi mas malaki dapat laman ng bank account πŸ™‚
      4. You can indicate in your itinerary that you will be travelling with a friend πŸ™‚

  11. Hi! I’m a college student and unemployed, I booked a flight to Japan next month Aug 13-17 but I still have no visa. I have the complete requirements except for an ITR and certificate of enrollment, I will use my Mom’s ITR and I will give my original college ID instead. Do you think I’ll get accepted or rejected? 😦

    Also, I’ll be staying at an AIRBNB home, I have to indicate on my itinerary that i’ll be staying at an airbnb home and i will give the host’s name and contact number, right? πŸ™‚

    I will go to Reli Tours at Dusit within this week.


    1. Hi! You do not need to pass an ITR and COE for yourself. Only your mom’s. But you need to pass your certificate of enrollment and a copy of your ID.

      You can say that you will be staying at an airbnb πŸ™‚

  12. Hi good day!
    May plano akong mag tourist sa japan kasama 1 yr old baby ko. Wala kasi akong itr so si father ko filipino working in goverment sasagot sa expenses namin. Ask ko lng same lng bah yong guarantee letter and affidavit of support or kailangan ko mag submit ng file yang dalawa? Submit ko rin itr ng father ko and bank scertificate joint account nila ni mama

  13. Hi,

    We plan to apply for Japan Visa with my husband and baby. My question is I am the one who is working. Is it okay that my husband doesn’t have work? The only requirement that I have is COE, I don’t have an ITR because it is just a freelance work. My salary is 45-50k monthly. We will stay with my husband’s tita and they will help us to fund our trip. Do you think they can approve our visa? Me and my daughter already have Korean Visa I think its an advantage right? My husband also have different stamps of the different country. Please help me.

    1. ITR is a requirement so you have to write a letter indicating why you do not have an ITR.

      Are you going to pass as a tourist or visiting relative?

  14. hi good day! i am planning to go to japan with my 1 year old daughter. father ko ang sponsor ng expenses namin government employee. how much kaya dapat money sa bank niya para ok yong application namin.

    1. Ilang araw ang balak nio? Estimate of 10k per day so kung 5 days, 50k times 2 = 100k plus dapat may matira sa bank account πŸ™‚

      1. 5 days po so ok lang kahit 100k ang nasa bank ng father ko gagamitin ko kasi itr and bank certificate nya.

  15. Hi, I do have an ITR but since japan is going to be my first out of the country visit, is it okay for me to include an Affidavit of Support from my parents? thank you

    1. Are you working? ITR is okay naman. As long as you have been working for more than 3 years in the same company and has a sufficient amount of money in the bank, no need for an affidavit πŸ™‚

  16. Good day!

    Reading the previous comments, some questions came to mind:

    1.) So risky kung “friend” lang or “father of friend” ang relationship sa affidavit of support? My friend and I intend to go to Japan sana. My friend will have an affidavit of support from his dad and I was thinking if I can be included in the affidavit as well.

    2.) Next, I saw a comment saying na almost 15 days ang itinerary nya and he’s advised to keep the days lower sa isa-submit na itinerary, does that mean ba na kahit 5 days lang ang ipasa mo sa itinerary, ang number of days pa rin na allowed sa’yo sa Visa ay 15 days (or what’s the minimum ba that they give?)?

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Hi! Yes. Medyo risky yung ibang tao ang magfufund ng trip mo πŸ™‚ dapat immediate family para may sense sa mata ng consul.

      If magrant ng visa as far as I remember 30 days ang maximum allowed number of days kahit nilagay mo 4 days ka lang πŸ™‚

      Good job sayo sa pagbasa ng comments bago magtanong hehe πŸ˜€

  17. Hi, may sample letter of explanation ba kayo for freelancer? wala kase akong ITR eh and di ko rin alam kung anong ilalagay sa letter. Yung freelance ko sa online yung sa upwork, regular naman yung projects ko dun kaya di nko naghanap ng full time. I will go to Japan on November kase. May nakapagpasa na ba dito na freelance lang at naapproved ang visa? thanks sa makakasagot and sa makakapagbigay ng sample letter. πŸ™‚

  18. Hi ! Nandito pa kami sa Dubai and our flight back to Philippines is End of October, my Girl friend and my Mom can apply Japan visa here as their residence visa still valid, but yung sa akin ay expired na at di na ako nagrenew. Kaya advise ng Consul ng Japan e sa pinas mag apply ng Japan visa ko. Aside of bank certificate, kung wla akong ITR e anu pa dapat kong ipresent sa consulate ng Japan? May ticket na kami at hotel booking d2 palang sa Dubai, tingin mo wala magging problema sa visa application ko?


  19. Hello.

    Ill be applying for tourist visa. But I’m about to go out of my company, and will be unemployed for a while.

    Questions are:

    1. How long is the processing of Visa?
    2. If i failed, how long is it until i can pass application again?
    3. Can i use the 2015 ITR? Or it has to contain the most recent contributions
    4. If I’ll use affidavit of support, what are the documents that ill be needing?

  20. Hi. Tatanggapin ba nila kung bf ko lang mag ssupport sakin? Gusto nya kasi ako pumuntang korea pero wala akong ITR because im unemployed. May chance po ba akong ma approved? TIA

  21. My son and I are planning to apply tourist visa to Japan. We are planing to spend christmas and stay there for 7 days. I have all the requiments except the ITR cause dont have a job but i have financial support fron my son’s father who is a british national and since my son is minor just 11 years I have his consent and affidavit of support with notary public and school enrollment certificate. I dont have job but my bank certificate has 200k will it be posible for me and my son will grant a visa?

    1. It is possible if you will request for an affidavit of support from the father πŸ™‚

      Otherwise, because of you being unemployed, medyo hmmm tagilid.

  22. Hi 😊 i’m also be applying a visa for japan.. me and my husband will travel nxt year but my problem is i dont have work and bank accnt. But my husband has work and also bank accnt. Do i still need to get an affidavit of support? Thanks in advance..

      1. how to process affidavit of support with red ribbon po if sponsor is from australia? can he mail me the affidavit of support with his handwritten signature and have it authenticated here or kailangan po sa australia? Im quite confused. salamat.

  23. Hi, I am an Ofw. I’ve read that the requirements are COE, Bank Certificate, Affidavit of support, and ITR exemption if I will be the one to fund the trip for any of my love ones. How much money do you think I should have/show in my bank account in funding the trip of my parents to Japan for their visa to get approved. Let say applying for only 4 days stay. Thank you.

  24. Hi. I will be travelling with my mother in Japan and also with my bf and his parents this coming Feb 2017. I will be shouldering the traveling expenses for my mom. Do I need to get an affidavit of support for her visa application?

  25. hi, ang case ko ITR ang problema ko meron akong savings to prove na may pang spend ako sa trip at pede po kayang ang kuya ko ang gawin kong sponsor sa trip ko nasa canada po siya ngayon . Thanks po

  26. Thanks for sharing this! Just curious, when you applied for the Korean Visa you went there alone (solo travel) or with family? πŸ™‚

  27. Hello! My family are planning a trip to Japan this Dec. As per travel agency, I need to provide an affidavit of support for my daughter kasi minor pa sya. I have bank accounts and mejo malaki naman ang laman. I have a leasing business kasi kaso as of now na hold pa yun Mayor’s permit ko for 2016 kasi meron kailangan isubmit for clearance. As of now 2015 permit pa lang meron ako but my DTI cert is not yet expired. I have ITR 2015 (non-vat) BIR Form 1701. Okay lang ba kung 2015YR na Mayor’s permit ang isubmit ko or dapat 2016? Yun ITR ko kasi is different from employed, it’s Form 1701. sa website kasi yun form 2316 ang sabi.

    I’m planning kasi na housewife na lang status ko since hindi ako makakaprovide ng 2016 mayor’s permit. Baka maging cause pa ng denial if ever mag ask sila ng updated mayor’s permit. Anyway, my husband naman is working and our bank account is okay naman ang laman. Sa tingin mo, anong mas magandang gawin ko?

    Plan namin mag book sa airbnb lang. Since hindi pa naman sure kung ma grant kami ng visa. Okay lang ba na ilagay ko sa application ko is “AIRBNB” or kailangan talaga mag book ako dun just to provide the name, add and mobile no. ng titirhan namin?

    My mom is retired govt employee pero meron naman bank cert. so since retired na sya, wala ng syang ITR. Okay lang naman na bank cert na lang no?

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soonest!

    1. Hmmmm I suggest you and your child magpasupport na lang sa father πŸ™‚ pwede naman yun. Basta yung bank account is more than 300k πŸ™‚

      With your mom, provide lang ng copy ata ng pension or docs na nagsasabing retired na sya + bank account πŸ™‚

  28. Hi,

    My partner (employed with ITR & COE) and his mom will be travelling to Japan. However his mom is a housewife and do not have the ITR and COE. Possible po ba na mag Affidavit sya for his mom? Then he only have 100k in his bank account. Will this be possible?

    Thank you and looking forward to your response.

  29. how to process affidavit of support with red ribbon po if sponsor is from australia? can he mail me the affidavit of support with his handwritten signature and have it authenticated here or kailangan po sa australia? Im quite confused. salamat.

  30. Good day! My bf will sponsor and travel with me to Japan. I am currently unemployed but I am starting my new job after the planned trip (if visa granted). Should I attach job offer or proof of employment signed by my employer, stating the date of my start date and salary? Is it okay to submit this supplementary documents ? salamat po.

  31. Good day! My australian fiance will sponsor our japan trip, magkasama kami punta don. Since he is from australia, doon nya papa authenticate ang affidavit of support diba? Dapat po ba sa phil consulate office sa australia or kahit sa notary office lang? Salamat po.

  32. Hello, I’m a US citizen. I will be going to Japan for 3 days before flying to the Philippines next summer. I’d like to fly out my two brothers (Filipino) to Japan to tour with me. The problem is they are unemployed, and wala silang bank account but I will be paying for all their expenses. Is there something I can do para makakuha sila ng tourist visa? Thanks

  33. Hi! I’ve been thinking of going to Japan as a gift for myself after I graduate from college.
    My sister’s working in the police, and I’m planning of having her as the one who’ll provide support for lets say a 4-day stay.

    What documents do I need to pass and money need to be shown in her bank account?

  34. Hi paguide nman po sa pagapply ng korean tourist visa.. regarding bank statement and bank certificate…travel date march 29-april 5.. ung bf ko pinagopen ko lng ngaun ng savings account dahil need nga sa visa kaso sabi sa other blogs dapat 6months daw.. pwede ba na ako n lng magfund sa kanya or mas ok na parent nia na hindi kasama sa trip kahit employed ung bf ko? Thank you so much

  35. Hi! your post is very useful.. I’ve let my mom, who is in the US, married to a US Citizen, get a copy of this so she can notarize it.

    I hope you could help me..

    Me and my son are full blood Filipino (from Philippines) and we’ve never been to Japan. I’m a single-parent and would like to work in Japan.. I want to bring my son with me there so I can enroll him at a daycare/nursery in Japan while I’m at work. Do you think it’s possible to happen?

    I’m really having a hard time finding answers to this problem. 😦 as well as to what type of visa should me and my son apply for.

    Initially, my plan is to apply for a tourist visa for both of us and find a job in Japan that can sponsor a work visa for me. The thing is, what would my son’s visa would be if mine would change to work visa? does enrolling him to a nursery will help him get a different kind of visa too?

    my mom who is in USA is the one who would give me all the financial support until we can finally settle-down in Japan. She would get an Affidavit of Consent and Support for me and my son stating that she would shoulder all the expenses that we need.

    therefore, the requirements such as bank statement (under my name), My own Income Tax Return and my Certificate of Employment will not be needed anymore.. that’s what I think of since I haven’t had a job since I got pregnant up until now that my son is already 1y.o. I’ve been a full-time mom.. but is that correct? Does my mom have to show an American bank statement? How should she provide me the money we need? Via bank or what?

    Thank you! any advise would be very much appreciated!!

    1. Medyo mahirap yung case mo kasi technically illegal sya. Ang purpose ng tourist visa is bawal kang maghanap ng work doon kahit na usual practice sya ng iba hehe

      Sorry wala talaga akong idea sa magiging case ng anak mo. Try mo magtanong sa mga filipino na nagmigrate sa japan baka may alam sila. Sorry!

      1. Hi B! Thanks for the response. ^_^ I found another way na pwede namin gawin ng baby ko. I was advised by an immigration lawyer na kumuha ng Certificate of Eligibility from a Japan Immigration Authority. I can do that as tourist visa, then I just have to go back to Philippines and apply again with a work visa ( as instructor ) then my son as Dependent Visa. Instructor Visa will let me stay in Japan for 5 years maximum OR 6 months minimum depends on what the embassy would grant me. I can also just ask someone who is in Japan to get the Certificate for me and my son then the person will just FedEx the Certificate to me. Then I’ll apply for the Instructor Visa.

      2. Hi!

        Just an update πŸ™‚ Got our passports today. Nag apply kami nung Feb 8 thru Friendship Tours sa Dusit. Nagprovide lng ako ng Explanation letter bakit walang ITR si hubby. D na ako nagbigay ng letter of guarantee since naka joint account kami pero 2 copy ng bank cert binigay namin. May kasama pang explanation letter nung incident ng unang punta si hubby na nag overstay sya mga 12yrs ago na un. Ayun d lang kami na approve multiple visa pa binigay.. 5 yrs at considering na 1st time ko mag apply ng Japan Visa expecting single entry lang πŸ™‚

  36. Good day. Me and my girlfriend’s family will visit japan this may. problem ko is i dont have any itr. Seaman ako dati but due to medical complications, di na ako makakasampa ulit. I have a bank account containing 100k. We also have a small business here in philippines but kakasimula lang and walang tax pero meron dti mayors permit and business permit, pero sa girlfriend ko nakapangalan. How will i explain it that i dont have any itr but i can support my travel?

  37. Hi! I am going to Japan this coming April with my friends. I am a medical student kaya wala pa kong work kahit 25 years old na ako.

    1. I will use my mom’s ITR and bank certificate, and an affidavit of support. Kailangan pa ba ng COE ng mom ko? Or ITR and bank certificate are enough already?
    2. Pwede ko din ba ipass ang sarili kong bank certificate para itaas ang chances na maaprove ang visa ko? I have around 50k in my savings. Makukwestyon ba kung saan ko kinuha ang laman ng bank account ko? Savings from my allowance ko kasi yun.
    3. Bukod sa Certificate of Enrollment, kailangan pa ba ng copy ng school ID ko? Sobrang labo na kasi ng ID ko. Hahaha! Kelangan ko ba magpagawa ng bago?

    Thanks in advance. Sana mabasa mo agad itong mga tanong ko. πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Iha, I have some questions, my family are planning to go to Japan as Tourists, Kelan ba magcocount , let say 30 days yun na-approve na Visa, fr. the day na naapprove yun visa or yun time na nasa Japan kna? If December ang balak nmin pumunta sa Japn, what month ang maganda magfile ng mga requirements? Balak kc namin kumuha na ng “promp flight” kpg meron. Bka kc expire na yun Visa bago kmi makaalis sa sche flight nmin. and okey lng ba na kumuha na agad na tutuluyan, ;et sa airbnb? salamat in advance

      1. …as early as September. Hmmm mag-Agoda or na lang po kayo for book now pay later option.

        Kung airbnb talaga gusto nio, make sure lang na hindi strict ang cancellation πŸ™‚

  39. hi, my sister and I are going to Japan. Employed sya ako hindi.. pareho kaming may bank cert.. pero sya lang ang may iTR? iF sya ang guarantor ko, isusubmit ko pa din ba ang bank cert ko o ung sa kanya na lang.. (if hindi need ung saken, im thinking na isama nlng ang pera ko sa account nia para mas malaki ang amount) what do u think?

  40. hi…after reading all of the comments above..gusto ko lang po iconfirm..
    1. my friend has an itr for 2015 but is now currently unemployed..she has a bank cert amounting to 60k as of now and is to be supported by one of our friends na willing magprovide ng bank cert at itr. pro ung friend na maggaguarantee ay hindi kasama sa trip nmin…( we already have tickets going to japan this coming march 2017)…ok po ba ang chance na makakuha xa ng visa?
    2. wala pa po kami ticket pauwi ( japan to philippines)…is that ok sa pag apply ng visa?..if yes, ano po iindicate nmin sa itinerary ng departure? we’ve seen sample itinerary kc, they’ve included their flight details..

    thank you..πŸ˜ƒ

    1. 1. You can try. Pero better kasi if immediate family member.
      2. Di naman kailangan RT tickets. Wag nio na lang lagyan ng flight number πŸ™‚

  41. hi paano po kumuha ng tax exemption if ofw parents? we have an international plant visit po kami for school sa japan and magsponsor po kasi sa akin is mom ko kaso ofw xa. ang sabi po sa agency ang need ko lng po na requirements are bank cert, bank statement, letter of guarantor, letter of explanation bkit wala itr. and photocopy ng ids with 3 signatures. im worried po kc kung need ko pa po mgpasa ng affidavt of support? thank you so much po. it will be a big help.

    1. Affidavit of support = letter or guarantor

      Pwede naman ding letter of explanation. Kailangan kasi present mom mo dahil kailangan ng barangay clearance for itr exemption.

  42. Hello! Pahelp naman po, my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Japan either late this year or early next year. I do not have an ITR since I resigned from my corporate job to work with my boyfriend sa business nya. He has all the legal docs (DTI, Business Permit, etc) and although we both have our separate bank accounts, he will be the one shouldering most of the expenses. Question po is:
    1. We’re both 25 years old na, living together and all, is it ok na sya ang magguarantee sakin? Or it should be my parents? Is it ok to write in the affidavit of support na bf-gf lang?
    2. Should we get both of our bank cert? Or sa kanya na lang?
    3. When submitting my requirements, should I include a copy of his dti/business permit as well along with the affidavit of support?

    Sorry po kung madami ang tanong. I just don’t want to get our hopes up na maapprove kami for visa then madeny lang ang isa samin ( ako yun haha!) dahil sa ITR.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Better if parents mo na lang magsponsor. If possible, pwede ka manghingi ng COE sa boyfriend mo and then write an explanation letter bakit wala kang ITR πŸ™‚

      1. Hi, clarify ko lang po, since business owner ang bf ko, business permits niya ang isasubmit ko po instead of COE?

        Also for the bank account, should I provide my bank certificate as well para dagdag funds or will it be suspicious na?

  43. Hi. Gusto ko lang po sana i ask kung kukuha pa po ako ng affidavit of support sa asawa ko kahit andun na sya? Student po ako balak ko po Kasi mag tourist visa sya ang guarantor ko. Ty

      1. Permanent resident na po sya sa japan. Stable yun work nya welder po sya doon. Nag apply po kasi kami ng certificate of eligibility but denied ako. hinahanap ako sa immigration bakit hindi daw ako kasama ng husband ko. Siguro ng Dududa sila. So balak ko mag tourist visa kahit 5 days lang para mag ayos kmi ng husband ko doon. I’m 23 na po and student po ako kaya wala ako ITR n ipapakita. Pwede po kaya si mama ko mag sponsor sakin sakin visa without guarantor. May 100k po yun bank account nya and 50k sakin kaso retired na yun mama ko ngpepension na sya 65 years old na po. Senior citizens na sya. Pwede po kaya yun? Ano po Jayant magandang gawin balak ko po Kasi apply after holy week Pero natatakot po ako baka madenied nnmn ako.

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