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Masbate – Exploring the Beauty of Burias Island

Before I go to the highlight of this trip (aka pictures), I will share first the back story on how we got to this place. Hehe. For the past few months, me and my college blockmates were talking about having a getaway. Initially, we planned on going to Ilocos and since it was announced that November 18 and 19 are going to be holidays, we decided to have a trip around that date.

We were really keen on going to Ilocos but I remembered that the re-scheduled Sam Smith concert would be on the 21st and since Ilocos is quite far from Manila, and if we have to end the trip on the 21st, the trip would really be tiring if we try to fit our planned itinerary in a span of 4 days.

Since Ilocos is a no go, we decided to look for another province somewhere in the north. But since the highlight of this supposedly trip to this supposedly place requires a minimum of 4 people and we are only three, we had to cancel. But lo and behold, another blockmate messaged me asking if we were available for November 18 and 19, and since we have no plan, we decided to join them.

Kind of skeptical joining really because the trip would take 10 hours of land travel and another 2 hours of sea travel and my biggest no-no — we have to do camping. My first legit camping was in Anawangin 3 years ago and we had to take a bath in public aka hello privacy where have you been?  I hated it.  I made a promise to myself never to go camping again.

What made me say yes were the pictures shared by my friend (it’s that good in pictures, I did not mind all the reservations I had) plus it would only cost Php 2500 (53 USD) sans food for the entire trip.

So here are the islands we visited. Hope these pictures convince you to take a look at this somewhat unpopular destination in the Philippines.

1. Animasola Island

  • Beautiful rock formations where we risked our lives climbing to the top to get a decent photo lol
  • Note: I wasn’t able to climb to the top LOL because the ground (?) is kind of fragile. Make sure to step on a solid part of the formation or else you can fall… And die.

2. Tinalisayan Island

  • Smallest stretch of sandbar i’ve seen so far! Super clear water as you can see in the photo.

3. Sombrero Island

  • An island with cottages wherein you can set camp. We rented two cottages for a group of 30 people. Each cottage has one bed and a bathroom.

4. Alibijaban Island

  • If i’m not mistaken this island is already a part of Quezon. Lots of mangroves everywheeeeeere!!

5-6. Snake and Dapa Island

  • Favorite island because look at how the waves meet at the center of the sandbar! Beware tho, this island is called Snake Island for a reason.
  • Also, to get to this spot you have to climb down 8 meters? Or less? I am not really sure about the exact height but definitely more than 3 meters, so if you have a fear of heights, you will not be able to go here, but you can view the beauty of it from afar 🙂

So…. Did these pictures convince you to visit Masbate? If not, then maybe my photos did not justify the beauty of the place hehe. Plan your visit ASAP so you can still enjoy the serenity of the place without the flock of people ♥

I really can’t give a detailed itinerary since we only joined a travel club. What they did is hire a van to San Andres, Quezon and from there, we rode a boat to Sombrero Island where we set camp.

Another option is to take a plane to Masbate but the Island is quite far from the city center, i’m not sure how long it will take to arrive at Burias Island.


Source: Lapay Bantigue Festival Website

Burias Island is on the top left 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will answer the questions to the best of my ability 🙂


2 thoughts on “Masbate – Exploring the Beauty of Burias Island

    1. I was also stunned how beautiful the place is! Did not really expect it at all since most people will rave about how Boracay or El Nido is the best beach they have ever visited haha

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