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Tokyo 2014 – Day 1

After checking in at the hostel (Yadoya Guesthouse for Backpackers), we decided to grab a meal on our way to Shibuya. We stayed at Nakano area and I would recommend staying here because there are a lot of food options, and the hostel is in front of 7/11. Plus, Nakano is just beside Shinjuku.

Please forgive me for not knowing the name of most of the restaurants we ate in. Most of them are in Japanese and I do not know how to read Japanese. Hehe. Anyway! We didn’t expect to find a machine beside the entrance. We are supposed to place our order through the machine and it took us minutes before figuring it out. You can check out my Instavid for the process. If ever you encounter this machine:


You just have to insert a bill in the slot and then click away! It will then release a paper stub and you have to give the stub to the staff. If you want to get your change, you just have to click the cancel button.

After waiting for less than 5 minutes, VOILA! My first meal in Japan finally arrived!


It turned out to be chicken and I loved it! Most of the restaurants we ate in provide unlimited water, you just have to pour yourself another glass if you feel very thirsty.

After eating, we headed to Shinjuku to go to Shibuya. This was such a fail moment for us because we spent TWO hours going around in circles inside the trains. To prevent this from happening to you, go to Hyperdia, and then take note of the platform you are supposed to go to. We ended up in the wrong platform even if it says the train is headed to Shibuya. Weird right?

After riding the correct train, we finally arrived in Shibuya!!


We spent a lot of time trying to capture the famous Shibuya crossing!




We then went around to visit the shops. We went to Uniqlo which by the way doesn’t differ that much in prices compared to the Philippines. I bought a dark blue jegging which cost me 2045 yen. I bought it just because my size usually sell out fast in the Uniqlo branch I live near at.

We also went to Bic Camera which is famous for the relatively cheap prices for electronics. I was able to buy a simple Casio watch for only 1008 yen! It says 943 in the picture because the tax is not yet included.


It was already 10 pm when we decided to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Based on my research, you can have a view of the city from the 45th floor of the building for free. We went back to Shinjuku station and started our long walk from here. It was a very long walk I tell you. Also, since it is very dark by the time we went here, we weren’t able to notice the sign that says “Observatory” which says that do not climb the stairs. We climbed the stairs and went gaga looking for the entrance. Anyway, do not climb the stairs and walk past it. You will then find this sign and just follow it:


Here are the pictures I took. It was very hard to focus because the reflection from the mirror keeps showing. My friend taught me a simple trick to stick the lens of the camera to the window to minimise the reflection.




We were also able to experience purikura inside the building!


We then called it a day and went back to the hostel.

Here is the summary of my expenses:


If you have noticed, I spent JPY 520 on drinks alone. I am not really fond of bringing a bottle of water with me and I would as much want to try every interesting drink I could lay my eyes on. In my opinion, most of the banana drinks I tried were such fails. The banana profile of the drinks is similar to banana peel. Not the fruit. So skip all the banana drinks and try the strawberry drinks instead.


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