N’EX Tokyo Direct Guide!

After passing through the immigration, baggage and customs, you now have to find your way out of the airport and into central Tokyo. 

We chose to avail the N’Ex Tokyo Direct ticket which costs 1500 yen. You can buy the ticket inside the airport, just look for the JR counter. In our case, the JR counter was just across the exit that we used. 

Upon purchasing the ticket, 2 pieces of paper will be given to you. One is about the guidelines or reminders about the validity of the ticket and the other one is actually the ticket. 
The ticket will tell you the time (12:22)*, the cart number (10)*, and the seat number (11A)*.
*Please refer to the picture shown above.

Next is to find your way to B1 (Basement). Just follow the signs pointing to the railways and look for the sign that says JR rail. Insert the smaller ticket to the machine and find your way to the tracks. 

Once on the tracks, you now find your way to your cart number. I found the cart number allocation really smart. The location in which you will alight is allocated a certain cart number. In our case, our destination is Shinjuku and our cart is number 10. 

Once the cart number is found, wait for the train to arrive. Just look for the signs above the trains that says bound for Tokyo/Shinjuku or wherever your chosen station is. 

Do not ride the train that says “Narita Airport”. Once the train has arrived, enter the train and look for your seat number. The seat number could be found at the top. You can also put your bags on the space.

The train will only take 53 minutes or so to central Tokyo. The view can be quite amusing especially the row of modern houses with colonial/traditional roofs but I was not able to enjoy the view since I got dizzy LOL 

The train also has english translation so there would be no problem if you do not speak any Japanese at all. Like me :)) 


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