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How I Got my South Korean Visa (Tips and FAQ)

I blame my love for korean dramas for wanting to go to South Korea. Luckily, Cebu Pacific had a piso fare and I was able to book my round trip tickets for only 4200 pesos. I picked November 30 because it was a holiday then.

I got very excited because finally!!!! K O R E A!! But then it dawned on me, Filipinos need a visa to enter South Korea. This would be my first time to apply for a visa so I panicked. I searched online for the documents that I needed and tips in applying for a South Korean visa.

The list of documents could be found here.

If you are going to apply as a student, here are the list of required documents.

Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipino Students

1. Application Form
2. 1piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable, and Korean Visas will not be counted)
6. Original School Certificate*
7. Photocopy of School ID
8. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate of an applicant
9. Parents’ Financial Support Document**
– Original Certificate of Employment (or DTI or Sec and Mayor’s Permit)
– Original Bank Certificate
– Photocopy of ITR or Form 2316

*For the school certificate, it depends on your school, but for UP students you just need to approach the college secretary and ask for a certificate of enrolment. The usual certificate of enrolment indicates that you are currently enrolled for the semester and it usually comes with a dry seal. Our certificate of enrolment takes 10 working days to be released.

**I passed my dad’s certificate of employment, their bank account and BIR exemption

If you are applying as an employee here are the requirements

Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipino Employees

1. Application Form 
2. 1piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be Valid for More than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-Page (Page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of Valid Visa / S and arrival stamps to OECD Member countries for the Past 5 years (If Applicable, and Korean Visas Will Not be counted)
6. Original Certificate of Employment (with Contact number / address of S & Company and date of issue)*
7. Original Personal Bank Certificate (NOT Bank Statement)
8. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316
*Make sure that the number of your company is included in the COE because the embassy really do check whether or not you are really employed in that company. If you can, ask the HR to indicate the number of allowable leave 🙂

T I P S 
1) Please have your passport with you when you pass your documents. This will be needed and will stay at the embassy until the date of release so don’t schedule any international trips on the dates you will pass your application and include the waiting time in the count.
2) Have a clean application form. The 2nd page of the application form contains directions on how to fill it out. Please read and follow.
3) Please put an exact reason why you want to go to South Korea. Do not put “to travel” as there are people who got denied because of purpose of entry. I wrote “To experience winter in Korea <3” yes with a heart sign. “To experience Korean culture”. You can also write specific things and places such as “Go to Nami Island.”, “Go to Petite France”. But please refrain yourself from writing “To stalk Lee Min Ho and Kim So Hyun”.
4) Submit complete documents and arrange them according to the order of requirements mentioned.
5) Do not leave a space blank. Write “N/A”.
6) For employees, please check if your TIN is correct 🙂 there are cases wherein the tin was incorrect and visas were denied.
7) Please have consistency in your documents. If someone is sponsoring for your trip, in my case my dad, if you pass your dad’s COE please pass only your dad’s bank statement and vice versa. If you pass a joint bank account, include both your parents’ COE if they are both working.
8) Do not forget to tell the HR to include the company’s contact number as the embassy is verifying whether your COE is legit or not. Also tell the HR that the embassy will call.
9) There are 3 windows at the embassy. Get a number at the desk and tell if you had previous travels to OECD countries (Japan, Europe and USA to name a few) because this will determine which window you will pass your documents.
10) If you have previous travels, especially in OECD countries, the chances of your application being approved would likely be high.
11) I do not advise getting a travel agency for this. The requirements are relatively easier to get compared to having to prepare for a Schengen visa. The chances of your application will not change anyway if you hire a travel agency or not. PS. The visa application is totally F R E E.
12) Your bank account should be proportional to your salary. How could you have 500k in your bank account if your salary ranges from 15k-20k a month and you are only working for a year or so? Dubious right? The consul might think like this as well if you try to ask money to be deposited in your bank account just to prove you have enough savings for a South Korea trip.
13) Students get a high chance of approval just because they need to go back and finish their studies. Just make sure your parents’ profile is enough to support your trip 🙂
14) In my opinion (this is based on the countless posts i’ve read on South Korea visa section on PEx), your COE and ITR is a lot more important than the amount in your bank account. The embassy wants to be assured that you are returning to your country. This will be proven if you have a job to go back to. The longer you are in a company, the better.
15) Travel history (none-OECD countries) quite add to chances of getting approved. But this is not an insurance.
16) After passing the requirements, P R A Y hahaha jk and keep the claim stub.

17) READING IS YOUR FRIEND. If the tips and FAQ portion of this blog will not be able to answer your queries, I suggest go to the PEx site and ask the experts there. But please try and read first so people would not get annoyed for questions that can be answered by reading 🙂

18) Last but not the least, hope but don’t expect. 
After 7 excruciating days, (7 because Saturday and Sunday are included in the count), I finally got my visa!!!!! Image
“LEE MIN HO HERE I COME!!! LEE DONG WOOK ARE YOU READY FOR ME? WE WILL BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR SOON!” Were my thoughts after I opened my passport and found a visa inside.

F R E Q U E N T L Y // A S K E D // Q U E S T I O N S 

1) When can I apply for a visa?

– Once visa is approved, it will be valid for 90 days, so make sure that once you get your visa released, it will cover your intended stay. You can apply 3 months at most before your travel date. For example if you plan to leave on May, earliest month to apply is February. You cannot apply on January because if the visa is approved, it will only be valid until April. So remember, 3 MONTHS AT MOST 🙂 If you plan to cram lol safest latest date would be a month before your travel date. Why do I say safest? What if you passed the wrong document and you have to get the correct one? Most documents needed in visa applications take time to be released. A month before the trip will give you ample time to get the correct documents. BUT PLEASE DO NOT CRAM YOUR APPLICATION 🙂 

2) How do I go to the Embassy?

– Option 1 (cheaper option): Ride the MRT up until Guadalupe station. Exit at the northbound side, go inside the mall, find your way to the exit and there are jeepneys in front of Jollibee. The signage for the jeep says “T3”. Ask the driver to drop you off at McKinley. Once you arrived at McKinley, walk straight, look for 7/11 and wait for the free shuttle. The last stop would be at the embassy.

– Option 2: Ride the MRT up until Guadalupe/Ayala station. Take a cab. This is faster and the cab ride will just be around 100 pesos or less.

3) How much money does my bank account have in order for my application to be approved?

– Scout the internet and most of the people will tell you “i don’t know”. Which is true. Just make sure that you have enough to cover your trip and there would still be enough money left after your trip. The safest would be 50k – 70k in my opinion. Some people I know got approved with 30k in the bank. It really depends.

– PS. Make sure that what you earn will reflect your savings account. For example, if your salary is around 20k and you are working for about a year, it would not make any sense if you have 500k in your bank account.

4) What if i’m an OFW, I do not have an ITR.

– My dad is an OFW and we were able to get a BIR tax exemption. I cannot remember the exact documents needed for this but I remember him passing a barangay clearance and a certificate from our subdivision (I do not exactly know what this is called). He applied at the BIR branch which covers our barangay.

5) I am currently unemployed. Can I apply for a visa?

– No. One of the requirements needed is a certificate of employment, if you don’t have any certificate of employment the people at the window will not process your application if you lack the required documents.

6) In relation to number 5, what if I am a recent graduate?

– I am not sure about this but some people were able to apply by passing a TOR and a diploma. But again i am not sure, I just read this at the South Korean visa thread at PEx.. Based on what I witnessed at the embassy, the girl was not able to apply because she was a recent grad and she had no certificate of employment and ITR to pass.

7) What if I own a business. What documents do I need to pass?

– You need to pass your business registration as well as the Mayor’s Permit.

8) Do I need to book a flight and reserve a hotel before I can apply for a visa?

– No. You can apply for a visa without these. These will not be asked 🙂

9) In relation to number 8, what if there is a seat sale?

– Im a risk taker so I would say YES. But before you do, please assess your profile first. Are you employed? Will you be able to pass an ITR? A certificate of employment? Do you have money in the bank to support your trip? If you answered no to at least one of these questions, I suggest no. Please do not get excited with the promo fares. Your hard earned money would be put to waste if you book that flight and not be able to apply for a visa.

10) Do I have to personally submit my application?

– Nope. You can have other people pass your documents. Same with claiming of your passport, just don’t forget to give them your claim stub. But I highly suggest that you pass it yourself because there are cases wherein the people at the window will ask questions and it would be best if you will be the one to answer.

11) Do I have to claim my passport on the exact day of release?

– No. I was late during the release of my passport (Friday) so I went back on a Monday. But I think it is better to get your passport on the exact day 🙂

12) Do I need to have previous travels to increase my chance of getting accepted?

– No. My friend had no previous international travels when she applied. She was a med student tho.

I hope this blog post was able to answer and help anyone who is preparing and thinking of applying for a South Korean visa. Just remember to be honest and have a complete set of documents. As long as you have no plans of being a TNT there, do not be afraid to apply 🙂 If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I will try my very best to answer them 🙂


132 thoughts on “How I Got my South Korean Visa (Tips and FAQ)

  1. Hi, thanks for the info but can I ask what if my parent’s doesn’t have a bank account, would it be ok if my sister ( she’s still a student )pass my bank certificate instead I wanna go travel with her and i will be the one to cover all the expenses on our trip.thanks!!!

    1. Hi! Yes she can pass your bank certificate 🙂 if you can, you can also submit a notarized affidavit of support indicating that you will shoulder your sister’s trip 🙂

      1. Is affidavit of support needed? I am going to pass the papers tomorrow and i’m the one shouldering the expenses of me and my brother. Thank you

      2. Yes you can add an affidavit of support for your brother. Not necessarily required but I think will greatly help in the application of your brother 🙂

  2. i’m applying for a korean visa for businessmen now but i’m worried that it might be denied because i dont have an ITR, my business just started last january 2015 and i was unemployed before i opened my business.. instead of ITR I submitted my certicate of registration form no. 2303 given by the BIR, my TIN number and name are written there. dou you think the embassy will take as the substitute for my ITR and aprove my visa?

  3. Hi there! I found your blog valuable as i got some ideas in applying for a korean tourist visa. My question is would i have a chance of getting approved as my sister will be my guarantor, i mean i will provide documents from her such as dti and mayor’s permit, itr, bank statement and certification. The agency advised me that this is the only way i can do as i am a student and our business is named under her. And the thing is that we are half sisters, we just have the same mom. So we only have the same middle name nd same maiden’s name will appear to our birth certificate. And my sister is married now, by the way she os 40 and i am 19. We are from davao, so i cannot go to the embassy personally, so i just ask an agency to process my application. Is this ok or any views? How about my relationship wih her?
    I would really appreciae your response, so hope to hear from you very soon!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Meg!

      My suggestion is you provide an affidavit of support and include in the document that she is your half-sister. Have the affidavit notarized para mas formal.

      You can also include both of your birth certificates so that the consul will get to see that you have the same mother.

      Hope this helps!

      Blessie ❤️

  4. Hi, I’m planning to visit my husband in Korea. Would you know how much is the amount expected in your bank account if you plan to stay there for 2 weeks?

    1. Hmmm let’s see.

      Food – 1000 per day X 14 days =
      Lodging – 1000 per night X 13 = 13,000
      Train fares – Estimate of 5000 for 2 weeks
      Entrance Fees – 5000

      Total of 39000. Add another 20000 for the flights and taxes. So I guess okay na yung at least 59000 for 2 weeks 🙂 pero estimate ko lang naman yan 🙂

  5. Hi. I will be submitting a joint bank account certificate indicating my name and my uncle’s. Would that be okay for my application? We have the same last name though. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kara!

      When is your target date to fly? Hmmm personally I haven’t known someone who passed a payroll account.

      IMO, it would be better to open up a savings account 🙂

      1. hi 🙂 this january 2016. opened my personal savings account last June 2015.
        dec.2015 – target date to apply for VISA. ♥

  6. hi i’m planning to apply for a tourist visa in sk to visit my husband working there as a factory worker.. do i have a chance to get one? here’s some of my details:
    – working for 15 and a half years in a company
    – no travel history

    just to add up, can i apply there without any companion? i’m planning to accompany my mother(retired public school teacher and have our own business- pre-school) and my sister (currently a public school teacher for almost 15 years)..

    can all of these info would help me in getting approved?

    btw, my husband is an eps worker

    thanks in advance…

  7. Hi..wud u think i can secure a South Korean Visa? I love Korea n wanting to tour it. I am 62 yrs old retired n no ITR to show. pension crtificate, bank certificate n land title suffice?

    1. Hi! I think? If you have enough money on the bank you can try to apply.

      Based on my experience they are nice to senior citizens. I even saw one person claiming his passport and was granted multiple entry 😀

      Just provide your pension certificate and bank certificate 😀 Will you be traveling with other people?

  8. Hello~ yung affidavit of support iprint lang then ipanotarize na lang. tama ba? Buti naExtend promo ng bdo, hahaha supplementary lang kase ako ng ate ko. I’ll try sana after ko gamitin single entry ko. (*^^*) Thank you~

    1. Edit first – print – notarize 🙂

      Hinabol ko yung promo ng BDO last year. Nagrant naman ako kahit supplementary lang din. Goodluck!! 🙂

  9. Hello! Me and my friend just want to ask, it will be our first time to travel abroad and possibly want to go to SoKor. Do we have a chance to be approved for tourist visa? Minimum amount ng bank account namin roughly 30k. Okay lang ba yun ? And is it necessary to put plane itenirary and hotel reservation as well? I have read on other blogs na hihingin nila ung contact number ng hotel. I hope for your answer. Thank you so much! Great blog!

    1. Hi Jass!

      Yung kasama kong nagapply nung second time ko, nagrant sya kahit first time lang niya magtravel abroad. Pero nasa 1M kasi ang laman ng bangko nun.

      Hmmm basta complete ang docs mo I think okay naman. Pero try mo dagdagan at least 50k laman ng bank mo. Kelan ba trip nio? ADB na kasi ang hanap ng consul ngayon.

      Hindi nila tatanggapin ang plane tickets, aalisin lang nila. Bale sa form mo ilalagay saang hotel kayo magsastay pero hindi kailangan ng booking 🙂

      1. Thank you for your informative response! Appreciate it! Anyway we are processing our passport pa and after namin makuha sa March yung passport, balak namin magapply ng visa agad, gusto kasi namn sa May 🙂 can I ask you how much is your expenses during your stay? Exclude the plane ticket and hotel, just the transpo, food, pasalubong etc. Just the pocket money? Is 10k-15k okay for 5 days stay? Thank you so much! You’ve been a great help to us!

      2. Yung 10k ko nung 2012 (?) nagkasya for 4 days. Pero sobrang walang shopping, although nakabili ako ng souv for friends.

        Nung second time, 30k dala ko pero 1/4 ng maleta ko ang napuno ng make-up. Ganon kadami 😂 Enough na ang 15-20k for a 4 day trip na medyo comfortable at makakashop kahit paano 🙂

  10. Hello I would like to ask if it’s ok and have a chance na maapprove if ever na yung COE ko ay walang compensation pero 10 years na ako sa company di lang talaga allowed ilagay ang compensation pag tourist visa ang purpose..tnx in advance..

  11. Hi.. nice blog by the way.. just want to ask my mom is a housewife.. my father is 86 years old and since he started working he’s self employed. The reqmnts for housewife is husbands coe,itr and bank cert but my father doesnt have one of it. What to do? Thanks

      1. hi B.. she’s already 56 years old. already called the embassy na. acc to them kung ano lang daw maipasa namin na meron yun nalang daw ipasa. got to photocopy my fathers sss and senior citizen if they look for it.

      2. Hi! Hmmm. Yes kind of tricky but if may enough savings naman mukhang magagrant.

        Medyo naobserve ko sa isang forum na mabait sila sa mga senior citizens 😀

      3. Thank you for the help. really appreaciate it. hehe. another question pa pala. nagkaroon ka na ba experience regarding bank statement? sabi kasi ng bpi ok na daw yung bank cert ndi na daw kelangan bank statement. pero yung psbank pwede magrequest.

      4. Insist mo na bank statement dapat kasi bago na yung requirements ng Korean Embassy 😀

        Pwede din yung bank statement sa BPI, ipilit mo lang haha 🙂

  12. It was such a relief reading this blog!! I am travelling as a student as well so i got nervous if i will be able to get a visa or not. I will be applying for a korean visa soon. Just a quick question, I cant seem to find where to put/write the exact reason or purpose of visit to korea, because it appears like a check list in the application form. Hoping for your kind reply 🙂

    1. Hi! The app form is new now. What I did with my latest application is check “Tourism” and “Others”.

      Under “Others” I stated exact reasons why I want to go back such as “See Song Triplets (lol)”, “experience winter” and “experience korean culture again” 😀

  13. hello as a gift i sponsored a trip to my niece daughter of my brother (true blood) she is employed but less than a year what is her chance of getting a visa?

  14. Hello! my parents dont have a bank account. Would it be possible to be approved if I can use my friend’s account? (She has lots of bank account)? I hope you’ll reply. Thank you!! 😊

  15. Hi po, due to some constraints sa city nang kasama ko, he does not have mayors permit. . But he has barangay business permit. .and he is paying taxes naman and his business is registered in dti. . He has ITR too. .

    does the barangay business permit suffice?

    1. hmmm personally i dont support it. you might give the embassy an impression that you’ll go there for marriage? just put for tourism instead 🙂

      1. Then, about sa invitation, yung BF ko po kasi is working here since 2011. pwede bang sya na lang gumawa ng invitation letter at the same time, sasamahan nya ako kumuha ng visa kasi sabay kaming pupunta ng korea. What would be your advise na ilalagay ko sa visa? hope you could help me. Thank you.

      2. hmmm I suggest you apply as a tourist. you might give an impression to the consul
        that you will go there to start a family.

  16. Hi gOod eve. Im unemployed but i have my own banK account. my sister’s husband invite me to go to korea to care my sister’s sOn because she is nOw a pregnant. Its possibility na ma denied ung Visa ko? 😦😦 need pBa notarized affidavit?

  17. Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I only wish that I read it before I applied. Just applied today. I have high hopes of having my visa approved until I read posts of denied visa. I didn’t put anything on my purpose of travel, I just checked tourism/transit. 7 days is really long. I wish tomorrow is 28th of April already!

  18. Hi B! considering 4 months employed palang but previously travelled to korea na last year, you think low possibility na ma grang ng visa this time? I just transferred to a new company eh. Thank you in advance for your reply

      1. This is confusing to me. I thought if you do BPI/BDO promo you don’t need all financial statements but based on the list, only Bank Cert and ITR are exempt… meaning the Bank Statement is still required. So weird :/

  19. I have a question. Kasi ‘yung mama ko has a gold credit card from BDO and kapag ba supplementary holder ako, may chance bang ma-approve ako? Kaso kapag nag apply ata ako ng supplementary card, it might take some days diba? Mag a-apply na ako ng Korean visa this coming Friday and all of my requirements are here with me. I hope the consul will approve T_T I badly needed to attend that one concert sa Korea and I bought my concert ticket for a very cheap price. I’m an employee, hindi pa po regular pero mareregular na this June 1. Need kong umalis by 18th of June kasi sa 19th na po ang concert. Hehehe. Saka po diba… Sabi sa Embassy huwag daw po mag-a-add ng document na hindi naman naka-state sa requirements nila kasi it might cause confusion na imbis ma-approve e biglang mad-deny ㅇㅁㅇ” Siguro next time ko nalang it-try mag apply for the supplementary card pag nag apply ako for my October trip naman hehehe. Thanks po!

    1. 1 month process ng supplementary so hindi na sya possible sa part mo kasi kailangan mo ng magpasa asap.

      Uhm you can try na iattach ang ticket just to show proof. Wala namang masama. Make sure din na ilagay mo sa reason na manonood ka ng concert kaya mo inattach yung copy ng ticket. Choice na yan nang mag-assess ng application mo kung kunin niya or tanggalin.

      Goodluck!! 🙂

      1. Sadly sis… I got denied last June 10. Reason is failure to prove the entry to Korea pero I put naman ‘yung going to concert tapos I tried to attached the ticket but they didn’t accept it hehehe pero hayaan nalang. Next time nalang ulit.

  20. Hi. My husband is working in korea as eps. And I want to visit him and hoping to stay for three months because we want to have a child. We lost two. So we are hoping to have one again. He had a vacation last April for a month, but unfortunately we did not make it. So we decided that Instead of him going home again I’m the one who will viait him and try to have a baby. So I want to apply for three months tourist visa. I’m just a plain housewife. Not working since we got married. Is there a chance that my visa will be granted? Thanks for your help

    1. Hmmmmm. Your chances of getting denied is higher. Also, im not sure if the embassy grants a period of stay for 3 months.

      What you can do is apply for a tourist visa, ask for your husbands papers such as his COE, ITR and bank statements. Also ask for an affidavit of support. I saw posts before they got approved even if unemployed as long as husband is paying for the trip.

      Another thing you can do is apply for a gold BPI/BDO card so automatic multiple entry 😀

  21. Hi ask ko lang nag pasa kasi ako ng school certificate ko naka issued sya ng march pero june 8 ko sya knuha sa school namin kasi fresh graduate nako may posibilidad kaya na ma deny ako kasi fresh grad ako pero ang pinasa ko school certificate. Tnx

  22. Hi…am planning to apply Korean visa the only problem is the hr where I currently working can’t provide me it or 2316 because I just got promoted last may in above minimum salary…what can I do?

  23. Hi! If it’s currently the term break, do you know how i can ask for a certificate from the university? or what kind of document could be an alternative?

  24. Hi! I just recently graduated this April 2016. And I have still no work because I just got my PT license after passing the boards this August. By any chance, can I still apply for korean visa even if I am currently unemployed now?

  25. question lang, recently lng nag end contract ko sa company so unemployed ako technically, but i do have ITR ang prob ko e yung COE and also I have gold card supplementary ako by my sister okay lang ba yun if wla COE? i can provide coe but in indicates there that my employment just end.

      1. this coming september 28 na, with family naman, family vacation to so it consists of employee and a student.

  26. Hi po! Question lang po regarding sa pag apply as Family, and BPI Gold Card Holder po kaming tatlo.

    Kukuha sana ako ng visa this coming September, since nakabook nako ng flight for November. Naisipan ko na isabay sana ang ang mom ko and sister ko for the sake lang na baka magrant kami ng 3 years ME. Since wala din namang bayad ang pagkuha ng Korean Visa, might as well na kuha nadin sila for future use.

    Ang concern ko is, mother ko is considered as housewife, then yung sister ko is still a student.
    Ang tanong ko po is, dapat ba tatlong original copy ng CoE, Bank Statement and Bank Certificate? O kahit isang original copy ng bawat isa okay na? And mas okay ba if magsubmit parin Mother ko ng personal bank statement niya? Thank you!

    NOTE: Si Mama pala may US VISA. Makakahelp din kaya yun?

    Ano ano documents dapat ko iprovide?

    And last po! Paano po format ng affidavit of support? Haha wala po ko mahanap sa net eh.

    Maraming maraming Salamat po!

    1. Since both of them ay unemployed. Pero since BPI Gold naman malaki ang chance. Yung mom mo ba ay considered retired na?

      Meron akong affidavit of support na blog, search mo lang under Visa 🙂

      You need to pass COE lang. Kasi exempted ka na magpasa ng ITR and bank statements dahil sa BPI Gold credit card 🙂

      1. Hello po! Housewife po Mama ko.

        Okay po kita ko na po maraming salamat po! 🙂

        Opo pero sigurista mode on po mas gusto ko po magpasa ng mga bank cert and bank statement eh. Need po ba tigiisang copy each, or kahit isang oringal nalang?

        Thank you po!

  27. Hi! Would it be a problem for me if I pass the business permit and dti of our family business under my mother’s name but the bank account I will be attaching is my father’s? Btw, I just graduated last June so as of now, I am not yet employed. May parents are the ones shouldering my trip. Thank you!

      1. That’s my problem because my mother’s bank account is just below 20k and the only accounts I can pass are my father’s and mine which are both 100k+. What do you think? I havent travelled out of the country yet but I am going to Dubai prior to this Korea Trip. Thank you!

      2. I wanted to do that but the Korea trip I am talking about is gonne be this Nov already. It’s already impossible to transfer money right? Btw thank you!

      3. You can still transfer money. Whats important is for you to pass your mom’s bank cert since the business is owned by her. Kahit up till 80k lang pwede pa din yan.

      4. Really? But what will happen to the bank statement? Isnt required to have a large amount of money for over a number of months lets say 6months so that it will not seem like you borrowed money? Thank you i hope youncan still help me.

      5. You have no choice kasi. Weird if account ng dad mo ipasa mo eh hindi naman nia business docs ipapass mo. Ganon din yung sa friend ko nagpapasa ng money kasi wala syang savings and yes nareflect. Nagrant pa din naman sya. Ang important naman dyan eh marereflect nung pera sa bangko kinikita ng business ng mom mo.

      6. Yes I also find it weird kaya nagwoworry ako. So you are saying na mas may possiblity na magrant ako ng visa if magtransfer nalang ako ng money sa account ng mom ko although last minute na instead na ipass ko yung dad’s ko? And to support this, I just need to add my own bank account? Thank yoouuuuuu.

      7. You do not need to pass your account kasi magpapasponsor ka diba so technically hindi mo afford kaya ka nagpapasponsor. And tatanggalin lang yan pagpass mo sa window so choose only 1 🙂

      8. I an considering what youve said but It will appear on the bank statement that I got a sum of money days before I apply for the visa, right? You think it’s just alright? 😦 I am planning to apply for a Visa this coming week. Thanks.

  28. Hi! My 2 kids and I are planning to go to korea next year. Is it ok na mauna ako mag apply for visa then once approved na ako.. i-apply ko din ang 2 kids for visa? Will it cause problem? I fear kasi na di ako ma approved pag kasabay ko agad sila sa visa application? 😦

  29. Hi! I came across your blog because Ive been searching on applications and tips for Korean Visa. Ive read every single comment however I felt a strong need to ask you personally on what your thoughts are regarding my situation. So my mom and I are planning on visiting Korea on June next year and we’re ready to book plane tickets (we luckily found a promo) but the problem is we’re torn if we should book first or apply for a visa. The problem is, it takes 6 months before you could reapply and its so hard to book a flight without reassurance of getting approved. Also, it’s gonna be my first time to travel out of the country if ever but based on what I’ve read it doesnt seem to matter a lot to them whether youve travelled a lot or not but it would still be a plus, i guess? So Im thinking if we should actually apply for a visa now to see if we’re qualified. Since its only valid for 90 days, we will just apply for another one when June is near. Do you think that sounds good? Also, do you know if they will grant another visa to those who were granted before but wasnt able to use their visas? Or were there like instances that they were granted before and then denied the second time they applied? Hope you could reply to this asap. Thanks!

    1. Hmmm if you have a work, an ample savings, I say book for a promo and risk it.

      Your mom is older than 50? They are nice to older people, most of the time granted a single visa. Sometimes, multiple entry pa.

      There’s a fee for visas not used as far as I know. Not sure if this will raise a red flag on the next application.

      1. Im currently in my 3rd year in college and its going to be my first time travelling out of the country, if ever. But ive read a few blogs and saw that some people are being granted naman even if first timers 🙂 Yeah, and we’re planning on going on the day of her birthday! 🙂 I might take your suggestion and just book a flight first. Thank you! I’ll let you know how it goes if you dont mind. 🙂

  30. I am an ofw. I submitted all required docs but they said they need PH Bank account. Since im residing abroad I dont maintain a local bank account anymore. Can I submit my mother’s bank cert and bank statement? Is there any other docs needed to be submitted?

  31. Hi! I read that students have higher chance to be approve in the visa application, my concern is it’s my sister who’s coming with me not my parents. Do I still have a chance for my visa to be approved? We’re planning to go in April, holy week, but we want to avail a package but I’m their problem bec one of the travel agency that we called said that I might not get a visa bec I’m not yet working. It’s highly appreciated to get a response. Thank you!

  32. Hi! My sister and I are planning to go to SK next year but I’m still a student and I read in your blog that there’s a higher chance for students to be approved but one of the travel agency that we called said differently. We’re planning to get the package this year but I’m afraid I won’t get a visa. Can you share your thoughts with that situation? Thanks!! It’s highly appreciated to get your response asap 😊

  33. Hi!

    I was calling the embassy but no one is answering. I have a couple of questions, hope you guys could help me. 🙂 My family and I are travelling to Korea this December.

    1. We only need to provide the requirements on the checklist? No more, no less? What about other financial capabilities like car registration, land title, credit card limit and statements?
    2. It was stated in the checklist that for students/housewife, original bank certificate of parent/husband should be submitted. Does it really have to be original or copy is okay? Because if original, we would have to ask the bank for multiple copies and pay the amount depending on the number of copies right?
    3. Since my mom is a housewife, what do I tick on the employment status? Unemployed or others then write housewife?

    Hope someone could help me I’ve been to Korea last year but the requirements are different depending on employment status so i’m quite unsure on some items on the application of my family.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. 1. No more no less. Unless you have a gold bpi or bdo credit card.
      2. If it says there original, pass an original copy
      3. Put unemployed 🙂

  34. Hi! I have a another question. On part 8 in the app form, details of sponsor — do you have anyone sponsoring you for the visa? What do we write there? Is it N/A since we’ll be applying on our own or do we write my dad’s name since it’s a family trip and he’ll be paying for all the expenses? Thanks!

  35. Hi! I have a question. My family and I will be travelling to Korea this December. My dad and I employed, mom housewife and 2 siblings students. On part 8 in the app form, details of sponsor — do you have anyone sponsoring you for the visa? What do we write there? Is it N/A since we’ll be applying on our own (no Korean contact) or do we write my dad’s name since it’s a family trip and he’ll be paying for all the expenses? Thanks!

  36. Hi i would just like to ask kc my mom and i are both planning to go to korea . I am employed for 8 months and my mom is a housewife. My grandma is supposed to sponsor our trip as a gift. Would it be fine if i’ll be passing her bank certificate??.thanks

    1. Imo since may work ka na, docs mo na lang gamitin mo tapos sa form ilagay mo na yung ibang expenses lola mo magshoshoulder 🙂 and then add mo din docs nia

  37. And also another thing mam . My dad can also sponsor the trip but the problem is that his business is not dti or sec registered

  38. Good Day!
    Hi B,
    Mag aapply pa lang ako korean visa tomorrow; kumpleto na lhat requirements; pero worried lng ako sa bank statement nsa 41k lng…
    almost 6 years employed…

    unfortunately, nabawasan ko pa sya ng 5k (emergency)- is it possible malaking chance nadeny ako for visa application?

    Hope to hear you soon.

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