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Food trip in Bacolod!

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven’t eaten anything yet or if you are on a diet itching to have that beach body. THIS POST WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY!!

Bacolod is labeled as the “City of Smiles” for it is considered as a relatively friendly city (based on an article in Wikipedia), but after being there and being able to taste the food that Bacolod has to offer, they should change it to “City That Will Make You Fat”, lol kidding.

For most people who will be traveling to another place for the first time, the usual itinerary will consist of places to visit and things to do but this Bacolod itinerary didn’t have that. What it included though are the food we must eat!! So, here is the list of the restaurants that we were able to try and love. Except one.

1) Aida’s Chicken (Manokan County)


Manokan Country is a like a food court because there are a lot of restaurants in the area. We don’t know which one served the best chicken inasal so we used our common sense to go inside the largest one which is Aida’s chicken!! Also, there is a statue of a chicken which is the main reason why we chose Aida’s, kidding.


Me and my friends being all touristy posing beside the chicken statue!


Aida’s menu! Beside is the price of each food item in PHP (Philippine peso)

We waited for more than 15 mins for the food to arrive. My order consisted of Pecho and Garlic Rice:Image


Of course being the fattie that I am, I ordered extra rice hihi

I wouldn’t say that Aida’s is the best restaurant around Manokan Country just because I wasn’t able to try the other restaurants within the vicinity, but I can definitely say that this is the best inasal i’ve ever tasted! My mother and I usually eat at Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Manila because she likes inasal so much and I usually go to Mang Inasal if i’m extremely hungry for that eat all you can rice but their inasal would not even compare to the inasal we had at Aida’s.

2) Calea


Being the sweet tooth that I am, I was so excited to try Calea! I have friends who live in Bacolod and whenever they go back to Bacolod during school breaks, they will surely tweet about Calea —  how they missed Calea so much and they can eat Calea for their entire lives and so much good tweets about it, Calea became number one on my to eat list!Image


Those are 2 out of the 6 cakes i’ve tasted. Sadly, I was so disappointed for my expectation wasn’t met. Out of the 6, I only liked one. Also, the cream puffs which will be shown later, tasted HORRIBLE. But I think if you visit Bacolod, you should still try it because there are lots of cakes being offered, maybe we only ordered the not so good ones.


3) 21

21 or Bar 21 is classified as a fine dining restaurant so make sure that you eat there with decent clothes. It was not on our original list so most of us showed up wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. I swear we were judged by some of the customers HAHA


Nonetheless, the food was superb!


My favorite would be the Native Chicken in Coconut! PS. The last photo was the not so good cream puffs at Calea.

4) Campuestohan

Campuestohan is not a restaurant though. It is a highland resort which our van driver labeled as the Tagaytay of Bacolod! It was super cold when we went there so we ordered lugaw. I just had to share it because I really liked the taste of the soup, with just the right amount of ginger which I found lacking in most lugaw i’ve tasted.


5) Pala-pala Restaurant

We bought seafood at a wet market and went to Pala-pala restaurant to have it cooked. Seafood is extremely cheap in Bacolod so we grabbed the opportunity and bought with no monetary restrictions in mind.




Once cooked, the seafood looked like this:

ImageButtered clams with garlic


Shrimp in spicy sauce



As i’ve said, the seafood is cheap we had two servings of each :)) We ate so much, 2 of my companions suffered indigestion the following day :))

6) Felicia’s

Since we were a bit disappointed with our Calea experience, we decided to have another dessert restaurant.


Verdict: Felicia’s >>>> Calea!!! I LOVED EVERYTHING!!! But if I have to choose only one, I will choose the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes!

7) Pendy’s

Last but not the least, Pendy’s!! We went here for their napoleones, which is one of the main reason why I went to Bacolod! But we arrived early and have to wait 2-3 hours for the napoleones so we decided to eat here.


La Paz Batchoy







I loved everything except the ribs. AND THE KANSI OMG THE KANSI!! I cannot express fully in words what I felt while I ate the Kansi. I LOVE KANSI WITH EVERY BIT OF ME.

We were also able to try the other desserts:


Brazo de Mercedes


Half Moon


And of course, my all time favorite:



If you have a limited time to spare in Bacolod and could only pick one restaurant to eat at, I would recommend Pendy’s!! The Kansi is a must try and having napoleones for dessert is really a treat! 🙂

In addition, I was so enticed with this bibingka being sold in front of a church…


Sadly, it didn’t taste as good as it look. But for something that costs less than 20 pesos, I think it was okay.

So next time that there’s a seat sale and you don’t know where to go, I suggest going to Bacolod for the food! I gladly accepted all the fat this trip has added to my body :))


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