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Grid 9 Hotel Review

I booked Grid 9 hotel a week before our Malaysia trip. It was not actually in the short list of hotels that I was planning to book but when I went to Trip Advisor, I was shocked to see that a three star hotel is on the 8th spot of the best hotels in Malaysia.

I searched for it on Agoda and read the reviews on Trip Advisor. After reading the comments and not seeing one bad review about it, I decided to check the dates and I found 4 available beds for the Super Pods. According to their website:

Super Pods

If single pods were cheeseburgers, think of this as a Big Mac. Super single beds along with all the luxuries of the Single Pod, and only 4 to a room. Its really quite comfy. And yes, you still don’t have to share with the boys if you don’t want to.
And since there are four of us travelling together, I decided to book this room thinking that we are going to share the room by ourselves, since the capacity of the room is up to four and according to Agoda, there are 4 beds available for our travel date. In addition to this, it is not most type of “dorm” rooms wherein you have to share with everyone on the hotel who booked the “dorm” rooms. You just have to share with your room mates, and in this case, I just have to share with my travel companions.
When we arrived at the hotel, the staff told us that we will be separated into two rooms. We were shocked upon hearing this. First of all, I would have not booked the hotel if only I had known that we will be separated. I actually do not mind sharing with strangers but my companions do. We tried talking to the manager if he can do something about it but he kept on telling us that he cannot do anything about it since the hotel is fully booked.We also tried talking to the guy who was staying in our room if he could transfer to another room. The staff told us that the guy requested to extend his stay and they allowed him to do it and that is the reason why they have to separate us. Two of us will stay at the 3rd floor Super pods, and the other two will be staying at the Super pods room at the second floor. The thing here is that, they know that the room will be occupied by us, I booked the hotel A WEEK before our trip, yet they still allowed him to extend without considering our reservation.I do not know how hotel reservation works but I think that what they did is wrong. I’ve thought about the reason why they did it. Maybe they assumed that since we are booking a “dorm” type of room, we had done this before. As i’ve said, in my part yes i’ve experienced it, but my other three companions haven’t. That is why they think it would be okay to just jumble the room bookings in the dorm room.

After about more than an hour of “arguing” and giving them options, (YES. WE ARE THE ONES WHO KEPT THINKING OF OPTIONS JUST SO WE COULD STAY AT ONE ROOM. We even gave them the option that we would just share the beds [2 people per bed, which is actually just for one] BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO THINK OF WAYS HOW TO TRY TO SOLVE THE SITUATION), they just kept on telling us that the hotel was fully booked and they can’t do anything about it.

But when we thought about it, we would not be getting our money’s worth if we would stay in 2 beds when we actually paid for four, and we decided to accept our fate because it will be difficult for us to find another hotel plus we are very tired because we just came from the airport and most of us haven’t slept at all.

We were able to let go of the issue that we got separated because I must say that the facilities of the hotel are good. No wonder most of the people who stayed here liked it. The lobby was equipped with HP desktops and Samsung tabs. The lobby also has a billiard table and a common room where comfortable bean bags can be found plus a flat screen television wherein you can watch with the other guests.

The wi-fi is fast, there is an elevator, and the breakfast food is also delicious. The bed and pillows are comfortable plus the air conditioning in the rooms are good too. Another good thing about the hotel is that it is very near the Maharajalela station.

After our first night, my three companions where exchanging stories of their first experience in having to share hotel rooms with strangers. I don’t know if they liked it but they were not complaining about it anymore although they were saying that it would be better if we could have stayed in one room.

We booked the hotel for 3 nights, from June 5-8 and on our third day/second night (June 7), we arrived at our rooms and we found out that our key cards are not working. We went down to the Mezzanine and found our other friends talking with the staff and I noticed that my friends’ baggage is on the lobby along with a black bag with their other things inside it.

I asked the staff why our keycards are not working and he said that we should have checked out that day. I was so shocked and irritated why he kept on insisting that we did not extend our stay and that his colleague had to take out my friends’ baggage because we were supposed to leave that day. I checked my Agoda booking and it is very clear on the voucher that we booked the hotel for 3 nights. We were shouting in Tagalog because we were very pissed about what happened. My friend was also mad because she doesn’t know if all their things are complete and nothing is missing.

The staff showed me the hotel template that his colleague made, and it is stated there that our reservation is from June 5 – 7. It was actually the other staff’s fault and I have to admit that it was also my fault that I didn’t check the paper (he showed me the paper and asked me to sign it because we gave a $100 deposit upon our check in). I didn’t expect him to made a mistake with the reservation because I gave him the voucher. In the end, the  on duty staff gave my friends a new room and we apologized profusely to the staff, because he was alone during that time and he had to experience our monster mode when in fact it was not his mistake and he had to take care of it.

Overall, I would say that the hotel facilities and SOME staff are good but our experience was ruined because of the mistakes made by the other staff. But in the end, I would still recommend this hotel because the hotel facilities are really good. Just a reminder to those who do not want to share rooms with other people not to book the super pods even if the booking site says there are only four available beds. Do not risk it. Just book the other rooms.

I just made this blog to vent out my frustations with some of the staff and hope that Grid 9 can read this and do something about it. The hotel concept is really nice but mistakes like this can ruin their reputation. I am actually sad that this could be the first bad experience with the hotel because I would still want to stay at Grid 9 in the future when I go back to Malaysia.


3 thoughts on “Grid 9 Hotel Review

  1. Dear Sublessee,

    Thank you for providing feedback for us on your blog, this is most helpful as we constantly strive to improve the standard and service we provide at GRID 9.

    I am so sorry to hear of the problem where you and your companions could not be in the same dorm. While we always try our best to accommodate to our customers requests, that weekend was a very packed weekend for us and thus the options we had to offer was limited. The thing about “dorm rooms” is that normally they can’t be booked as a room as a whole unless requested from the booking. This is due to a large number of solo travelers who stay in our dorms and in large part this is part of the flackpacking experience. Once again we apologize that we were not unable to accommodate to the request, however if you ever book in future and let us know before hand, we can confirm with you whether there is a full Super Pod room available for you and your friends. Alternatively, you can always choose our Broskis and LMG Twins where you and your friends do not have to share with anyone outside of your party.

    As we are a relatively new hotel, our staff still have much to learn in providing the best options to our guests. I have personally spoken to the hotel manager who dealt with this situation and the respective front desk personnel, and reprimanded them on how they have dealt with the situation and what should have been done better. We kindly as a team ask your forgiveness and understanding at creating any discomfort during your stay.

    Once again, we thank you for providing feedback to us and I would like to personally offer you a complimentary night stay for you and your 3 friends in our Super Pods (however please give us advance notice to check if we can put you all in the same room). We hope we will make the experience better on your second trip to GRID 9. We are most delighted you enjoyed the facilities and the location. Hope to see you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Kenny Choong
    GRID 9

  2. Thank you for reading my blog and making the effort to reply 🙂 Don’t worry about it, I will still recommended your hotel to my friends who are planning to go to Malaysia 🙂

    1. Hi Sublessee,

      Thanks so much for understanding. Greatly appreciate your recommendation. Once again apologies and the offer is always open. We do hope to make up for it on your next trip. See ya soon and thanks so much for staying with us. =)

      Best regards,

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