South Korea

Trick Eye Museum

The trick art museum features paintings that are extremely realistic and seem as if they are in 3D. By posing next to the painting in a certain way, you can take a picture and look like you’re part of the painting! In the gallery section, artwork by well known artists is on display and is changed every few months

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It’s near the subway station close at my hostel so I decided to go there on my last day, hours before my flight back to the Philippines.

If you want to visit the Museum, take the subway and stop at the Hongik University Station and look for exit number 9. This is the map that I used to go to Trick Eye from Exit 9 of the Hongik University StationScreen Shot 2012-12-05 at 4.50.11 PM

We weren’t able to see the VIPS and the Richmont Bakery. Just remember to turn left at the second street after the subway exit. If you can see the Mister Donut on your right, then you are on the right direction. Look out for Holika Holika and once you see it, cross the street. There are no pedestrian lanes so just be careful while crossing the street. Go straight to the alleyway beside Holika Holika and just a few steps and you will be able to see Trick Eye πŸ™‚

Try to come on a weekday so that there would be a few people inside the museum. I don’t think you will be able to enjoy taking pictures if there are a lot of people because you have to wait for your turn. Also, try to come with a companion because it wouldn’t be fun going alone and trying to find someone to take your picture for you πŸ™‚

I was so lucky that one of the guests staying at the hostel agreed to come with me. Thank you Janey for the fun Trick Eye Museum experience! She’s from Taiwan by the way and also travelling alone in Korea πŸ™‚

Some of my favorite pictures:

creepy looking fellow
creepy looking fellow
Miranda Kerr!
Miranda Kerr!


Even the elevators have design
Even the elevators have design







Random korean boys :))
Random korean boys :))












It took us 2 hours to finish all the paintings so make sure that if you go there, you have a lot of time so you will be able to enjoy the place πŸ™‚




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