South Korea

Little bit of Seoul – A Four Day Itinerary

Just got back from my four day trip to Seoul!

This trip means a lot to me probably because I had a lot of “firsts”
– first time to travel alone
– first time to ride a plane alone
– first time to experience winter ❤

I was actually expecting my trip would not be as fun as i’d hope it would be just because months before  the trip, I thought I would be coming to Korea with my friend, but due to  things beyond our control, she had to back out.

I booked my flight online with Cebu Pacific ten months before the actual trip to avail of the promo flight. Just paid around 4200 pesos ($102) with 15 kg of baggage (roundtrip) and applied for a visa a month before the trip.

Booked a room at Birdsnest Hostel through Agoda days before the trip. Please click link for my review of the hostel 🙂

This was my planned itinerary for my 4 day trip:

Day 1: Namsangol Hanok + N Seoul Tower + Teddy Bear Museum + Namdaemun Market + Myeongdong shopping

Day 2: Gyeongbokgung Palace + Cheonggyecheon Stream

Day 3: Garden of Morning Calm + Petite France + Nami Island

Day 4: Trick Eye Museum + Hello Kitty Cafe + souvenir shopping around Hongdae Area

But I was only able to do this:

Day 1: Shopping around Myeongdong

Day 2: Gyeongbokgung Palace + Cheonggyecheon Stream + National Palace Museum of Korea + N Seoul Tower + Teddy Bear Museum

Day 3: Nami Island + Namdaemun Market

Day 4: Trick Eye Museum + Namdaemun Market

I used this website to search for tips on where to go, how to go, what places should I include on the itinerary, which places are near each other so I can just go there on one day and so on and so forth. But that website is mostly Tagalog because it is a forum for Filipinos. But one can also use TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet to look for places to go to in Seoul.

But I haven’t been able to follow my itinerary just because I usually wake up after 12 pm :))) Nonetheless, I was really happy that I pushed through with the trip. I was actually considering on changing my flight and join my other friend who will be going there on the 20th of December.

But like I said, I was happy that I went there alone. There are just things that one cannot experience from travelling with a companion. I was actually surprised that I was smiling while walking around in Seoul alone. I also felt sad while I was packing my things for my flight back home. I was a bit teary eyed while chatting with my friend telling her I don’t like to go back home and wish I could just stay in Seoul forever.

In my opinion, Seoul has a lot to offer. And I really really REALLY like the cold weather. I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing my breath when it’s super cold. I will definitely go back to Seoul because I still have a lot of places to go to and things to experience there 🙂


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